• Madonna's daughter Lourdes shares new pics
  • They were created during an advertising shoot
  • She looks super sexy in the pictures

The 2000s are back: Lourdes Leon (25) recently posed for a new advertising campaign in pictures that couldn't be more nostalgic. In a skimpy outfit, Madonna's daughter (63) shows her sexy side once again.

Lourdes in the 2000s look: Madonna's daughter is SO Sexy

The result of the shoot can be seen on Instagram. The photos were taken for Kali Uchis' (27) new jeans collection OBSESIÓN, which were posted on the associated account. Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon stuns in the photos and we can't get enough!

She causes a stir in the tight top, which not only shows off her décolleté but also reveals her stomach and her piercing. Low-rise jeans, a large necklace, and dazzling make-up round off the nostalgic look. 

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In other pictures, Lourdes poses with Kali Uchis against a gray background. Both of them show off their toned backside in jeans. "Obsesión: sex appeal, confidence, comfortability. It’s time to embrace yourself," it says under one of the posts. In any case, Lourdes shows enough sex appeal with these new photos!