• Queen Consort Camilla had a tough time with the late Queen Elizabeth II
  • Their relationship started off on rocky ground
  • Camilla eventually made an ally out of the late monarch

This was the case for the Duchess of Cornwall, and future queen of Great Britain, Camilla Parker-Bowles, who didn't exactly have an easy time fitting in with Her Majesty and had to endure some difficult years before she cemented her place in the royal hearts of many. Camilla's relationship with the late Queen Elizabeth II is a tale of two halves.

Camilla proved herself time and again in the palace

The first half was marred by controversy and shadows while the second half is filled with happier memories and smiling faces. It all started when Camilla met Prince Charles back in 1972. Camilla and Charles always had a special affinity for each other, which the Queen didn't fancy too much, given that Camilla was not of noble descent.

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Then Prince Charles went on to marry Lady Diana, but secretly carried on an affair with Camilla. The Queen tried to persuade Charles against it, as Camilla was married herself! But it seems like even the Queen's insistence wasn't enough for this couple.

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