• Queen Elizabeth II missed her Jubilee today
  • She had to cancel after experiencing "discomfort"
  • Duchess Kate shared an update on her condition

It's a huge week for the British royals. It's Queen Elizabeth's 70th anniversary on the throne and they're having a four-day celebration. However, Day 1 of the Queen's Jubilee came with a concerning headline.

After the 96-year-old appeared at her Trooping the Colour parade, the Queen had to pull out of a Day 2 church service held in her honour. The Palace said she experienced "discomfort" at the parade and would miss the next day. 

Update: Duchess Kate speaks on the Queen's condition

It was a sad sight: the Queen's special service held without her. But her granddaughter-in-law Duchess Kate shared promising news about the Queen soon after.

After the service, Duchess Kate gave an update on the Queen to a royal fan, who revealed what she said to PA Media. "Yes, she [the Queen] was fine, it was just very tiring yesterday," Kate said.

Also interesting:

Duchess Kate also told the concerned fan that the Queen had "a very lovely, lovely time" at her parade, which saw her star with her family on the Palace balcony.

Queen Elizabeth's health has been a concern for months now. She's been forced to cancel many events due to mobility problems and a back injury.

But the Queen was able to appear at Trooping the Colour, and we hope to see her back in action soon for her big weekend.

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