• The royals put on a show for Trooping the Colour
  • The family appeared on the Palace balcony
  • A lip reader revealed what they talked about there

On the occasion of the Trooping the Colour parade for the Queen's 70th anniversary on the throne, Prince William and Co. gathered again in front of their people.

Many would probably like to be a fly on the wall and find out what the royals talk about up there. Lip reader John Cassidy now gives insight and explains what the British Royal Family discusses during such an official appearance, as Metro reports.

What the royals really talk about during an event

Of course, the royals were particularly impressed by the air show, which took place brilliantly in the sky. "Woah, it's the Red Arrows!" exclaimed Prince Louis about the planes.

Also interesting:

Queen Elizabeth was also enthusiastic about the show put on by the British armed forces. "That's our air force... the Apaches," said the Queen. As the formation of airmen performed a large number "70," the Queen remarked: "That's very clever."

Duchess Kate looked up at the sky together with her three children and shouted enthusiastically: "Look at the smoke!" And her kids were clearly impressed, even if it was a bit loud for Prince Louis.

With such a great show, it's no surprise that even the royals could talk of nothing else. Watch the video above for the full story!