• Princess Beatrice has dyslexia
  • The royal is open about the disorder
  • This is her story

The princess revealed that she had problems in school while her close friends seemed to be "so far ahead” of her. Beatrice, who was diagnosed with dyslexia at 7 years old, has talked about the difficulties she had to overcome when she was young and how her parent's support and the magic of stories helped her to love reading.

Even Royals Need Help Sometimes!

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"I was very lucky, I got to go to a school that was very nurturing and very supportive, but I would describe the actual day-to-day learning side of things (as) very challenging", she said in a video for Made By Dyslexia. Beatrice began her education early on at Upton House School in Windsor in 1991, before she and Princess Eugenie went to Coworth Park in 1995.

Princess Beatrice And Her Battle With Dyslexia

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