The legendary Barbra Streisand is known for her music and her acting, however many years ago, she also made headlines in the the news for allegedly having an affair with Prince Charles after he broke things off with Princess Diana.

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Barbra Streisand and Prince Charles met for the first time back in 1974 on the movie set of Funny Lady. They also crossed paths about twenty years later when Streisand took the stage to perform at an event benefiting the Prince's Trust charity. 

Barbra Streisand talks about alleged affair with the Prince of Wales

In 2019 Barbra poked fun at the rumours that she was ever romantically involved with Prince Charles by putting up an old photo of them together on the screen behind her as well as headlines that read, "Barbra charms her prince, Charles," according to People Magazine.

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Streisand also added Meghan Markle into the mix of her set by changing some lyrics to "when the sun begins to sparkle, like that ring on Meghan Markle". She even mentioned the late Princess Diana and commented on how kind she was when they had the chance to meet.

It seems as though Barbra Streisand had a blast performing in London and we are sure happy that she was able to poke some fun at the media for churning out some outrageous rumours over the years!