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November 25, 2022

Christmas is just around the corner and the British royal family is already making the first preparations. Now it is known what King Charles III plans to do differently than his late mother Queen Elizabeth II (†96).

Apparently, the royals of the British royal family will spend the holidays once again in Sandringham this year. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there has not been a big family gathering in the last two years, but in 2022 King Charles is inviting people back to Norfolk.

First Christmas without Queen Elizabeth II: This is what King Charles III is planning

BBC Royal Correspondent Jennie Bond also revealed the first details about what King Charles III is planning for the first Christmas without the Queen. Christmas under King Charles is said to be "less formal" and "less buttoned up". Strict royal protocol - including bowing and curtseying to the King - is said to be relaxed.

Under Queen Elizabeth II, it was also customary for the entire family to watch the Queen's television speech live on TV on Christmas Day. King Charles now wants to break with this tradition. He plans to record his speech a few days in advance in order to have more time for his loved ones during the holidays.

Also interesting:

What King Charles will talk about in his first Christmas speech is not yet known. The death of Queen Elizabeth will probably be an important part of his speech.

It is also unclear whether Prince Harry (38) and his wife Duchess Meghan (41) will be there for the first Christmas without the Queen. According to official sources, Prince William's brother (40) was invited by King Charles. Maybe there will even be a reconciliation during the festive season between Harry and William.

November 24, 2022

Revealed – What Duchess Meghan's mother really calls her

Parents like to give their kids cute nicknames instead of just calling them by their real names. This is no different in Duchess Meghan's (41) family. What her mother has called her since she was a child, she has now revealed on her podcast.

Duchess Meghan got this nickname from her mother

Duchess Meghan has now revealed that her mother Doria Ragland has had a cute pet name for her since she was a child. Doria calls her daughter "Flower".

Meghan has nothing against the name, as she said in her podcast Archetypes. She said to her guest Michaela Jay Rodriguez (31): "My mom still calls me Flower. I’ll be a 41-year-old Flower. That’s fine."

We have to say, we think it's a cute and fitting nickname for the beautiful Duchess!