• Queen Elizabeth has canceled an appointment
  • She attends Maundy Thursday every year
  • Now other royals will fill in for the Queen

Queen Elizabeth II, 95, has cancelled an important event.

The British monarch was lined up to attend a fair on Maundy Thursday, but now her son Prince Charles and his wife Duchess Camilla will step in, the Royal Family announced on Friday.

Queen Elizabeth II cancels an appointment for the first time

The fair is one date that Queen Elizabeth never ever misses. On Maundy Thursday, the monarch distributes alms to pensioners. The in-person event was cancelled the past two years, but the Queen still mailed out the "Maundy Money."

But for the first time ever, in place of the Queen, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla will hand out the traditional "Maundy Money" on Thursday. 

According to the Mirror, it's the first time Queen Elizabeth will miss the event. It's not known why the Queen had to pull out, but she has been dealing with health and mobility issues in recent months.

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The Queen last appeared at the memorial service for her late husband Prince Philip on March 29. The first anniversary of Prince Philip's death fell on Saturday this weekend.