• Queen Elizabeth's health has been a worry
  • There were fears she had COVID-19
  • The Queen said she "can't move" today

The Royal Family has been in disorder lately. But Queen Elizabeth reappeared today after the Prince Andrew news and the family's COVID-19 scare.

The Queen was well enough to host an audience at Windsor Castle, but she made a worrying comment about her health during the session.

Queen Elizabeth's heartbreaking health update

Though she appeared to be in good spirits, the 95-year-old Queen was heard giving a heartbreaking answer when asked how she's doing.

"Well, as you can see, I can't move," the Queen said, standing firm and gesturing at a walking stick in her hand (video via the Daily Mail).

Despite the remark, Queen Elizabeth stood strong on her feet. She chatted warmly with two British military men, using her cane for support.

COVID and worries for the Queen's health

Last week, royal fans were concerned the Queen may have caught COVID-19. It was revealed her son Prince Charles tested positive and had met the Queen just days earlier.

Also interesting:

The Palace hasn't yet announced if Queen Elizabeth got COVID or not, but her in-person audience today would appear to confirm she avoided the virus.

She also dealt with several health issues last year, including a sprained back. It appears these problems and the recent turmoil in the Royal Family could be taking a toll.

Let's hope the Queen is feeling better soon.