• Prince George's attire causes confusion at Queen's funeral
  • Instead of a black suit, the prince wore a blue suit
  • That is the reason

At the funeral of the Queen († 96), her great-grandson Prince George (9) danced out of line several times. On the one hand, he did walk behind her coffin and on the other hand, the little prince appeared in a dark blue suit and not, like everyone else, in black. But why did Prince William (40) and Duchess Kate (40) choose a navy blue suit for their first-born son?

It may have been Williams' intention for George to go to the funeral in a blue suit, which went well with the RAF uniform he wore himself. The heir to the throne also wore a Garter sash with RAF pilot's wings and the Garter Star Chest badge. In addition, his uniform was emblazoned with the Queen's Gold, Diamond, and Platinum Jubilee Medals.

Also Interesting:

George matches his male relatives in color

George's blue suit matches in color with some of his male relatives who appeared in uniform. Princess Charlotte (7) also matched her parents. She and her mom Duchess Kate also wore similar outfits.

The little princess delighted with her black hat and wore a piece of jewelry in honor of the queen for the first time. A horseshoe brooch, which she once received from Queen Elizabeth II, could be seen on her coat. This symbolizes their shared love for horses.