• Dodi Fayed was Princess Diana's last partner before her death
  • He was the son of a multi-millionaire, Mohamed Al-Fayed
  • But he had another woman in his life at the same time

The mysterious woman who used to be in Fayed's life was not known before the lawsuit she filed against Fayed, and after that she fell off the radar again, seeking a normal life.

Fayed Was Allegedly Unfaithful To Diana

Kelly Fisher had been Fayed's partner since late 1996, and according to his lawyer he had been engaged to marry her, but while he was with Fisher, he had begun a relationship with the Princess at the same time.

Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed on vacation in Saint Tropez in 1997.

Although her father always denied it, since Dodi could not defend himself in person, Fisher maintained her version of waiting on a yacht for Fayed to arrive, after (unbeknownst to her) being with Princess Diana.

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