• Queen Elizabeth II was the longest-ever ruling British monarch
  • She pioneered and also adhered to many royal protocols
  • One of the protocols to follow involved having her picture taken during pregnancy

The late monarch gave birth to four children: Prince Charles, Andrew and Edward, and Princess Anne. But no pictures were showing her with a baby bump during any of these pregnancies. Why exactly is that?

Royal protocols are always surprising!

The fact of the matter is that being pregnant was considered a taboo subject at the time, so she never appeared pregnant in public. The real reason why there are no pictures of her is incomprehensible from today's perspective. The good news wasn't even communicated through a public statement!

Also interesting:

Imagine not knowing that a new royal was about to be born until after it happened. And so, there were no photos of the pregnant monarch during the nine months, nor any communication to the people about it. Instead of publicizing the beautiful message, the royal family kept all of the Queen's pregnancies under lock and key.

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