On Thursday, Duchess Camilla attended a royal engagement on the HM Naval Base Clyde in Scotland to celebrate a special anniversary. Ten years earlier, on August 27th 2010, she was present for the commissioning ceremony of the submarine HMS Astute and spoke fondly of her experiences back then. 

Duchess Camilla's secret royal engagement in Scotland

The Duchess of Rothesay, as she's known in Scotland, said during her visit to the naval base: "As the very proud sponsor of HMS Astute, I am delighted to be with you today to mark the tenth anniversary of the commissioning ceremony. I remember so well the 27th August 2010, as we watched this magnificent boat enter into active service. On that day, I half-jokingly wondered if I would ever join you for a dive."

Duchess Camilla actually visited HM Naval Base Clyde again back in 2014 to see HMS Astute return from its first official operational deployment, and she also touched on that. "While that has not yet proved possible, somewhat to my relief, I have taken an enormous interest in your work over the past decade. I should like to thank you from the bottom of my heart," she said. "I am only sorry that today I am unable to shake each of you by the hand to express my gratitude, but sadly that will have to wait until the Covid restrictions have lifted."

During her tour of the base, she met the boat's commanding officer Commander David Crosby and visited the shiplift facilty in which the HMS Astute is currently undergoing maintenance. And she left the base with some touching words: "I am certain that, just as you have always done, you will continue to carry out your duties with the pride that comes of being at the forefront of our naval prowess. May you always return safely to harbour."

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