Duchess Camilla has shared a new video to help raise awareness of osteoporosis! As the Daily Express shares, Camilla opened up about her family's personal connection to the disease on Tuesday, in a new video the Royal Family released to mark World Osteoporosis Day.

Camilla says osteoporosis was once "seldom discussed"

Duchess Camilla spoke about how her mother, Rosalind Shand, endured "terrible pain" while battling osteoporosis until she passed away. "In those dark old days it was seldom discussed," the Duchess of Cornwall explained in the video, "rarely diagnosed and usually attributed to old women with so-called 'dowager’s humps'. 

“My family and I knew nothing about it and were at a loss to know how we could help alleviate the terrible pain she suffered," Camilla continued, referring to osteoporosis as a "silent" disease. "But how times have changed – today huge strides have been made in the treatment and research into osteoporosis, and we now know how it can be prevented and how we can support those who are living with it."

Camilla talks about the importance of staying active

Duchess Camilla then went on to urge people to continue to stay as healthy and active as they possibly can be, even given the current circumstances of the world. "We know it is vital to eat the right food," she said, "to take regular and weight- bearing exercise and, so importantly, to educate young people as to how to look after their bone health."

She also shared that unlike during the time her mother was battling the disease, things have greatly improved when it comes to living with osteoporosis! "For those living with osteoporosis, there is now, thankfully, a wide range of treatments available to slow bone loss and increase bone mass," Camilla concluded. "We are lucky to have brilliant charities all over the world offering practical and emotional help."

Camilla hosted special tea party for osteoporosis organization

Camilla's video isn't the only special gesture from the duchess on World Osteoporosis Day! As the Daily Express mentions, Camilla also hosted a tea party at Clarence House, which was attended by those who have supported and represented the Royal Osteoporosis Society. 

The Duchess of Cornwall has long been associated with the organization, becoming its patron in 1997 and then its president in 2001. She also recently shared a video message she recorded for abuse victims, assuring them that they are not alone.

See Duchess Camilla's special video message for World Osteoporosis Day here!


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