During the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's visit to South Wales on Tuesday, the royal mother of three met 3-year-old Annabel at Mumbles Pier. It turns out the little girl was excited for one specific reason.

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"I said to her that Annabel was really excited to meet a real princess," Annabel’s mother Rhian Costello tells People. "And she said, 'I'm sorry I'm not wearing a pretty dress today.' Annabel then said that she thought she'd look like Cinderella."

Duchess Catherine talks to a little girl at Mumbles Pier in South Wales

Naturally, the Duchess still looked great in a red Zara dress under a navy blue coat, topping off the outfit with a red and white scarf.

Duchess Catherine was "very natural and lovely"

"She was very, very natural and lovely and sweet with the children. She was so lovely talking to as many people and children as possible. She said that Annabel looked cold and asked how long we'd been waiting. I thanked them for coming to Wales and that it's so lovely they come and bring their publicity."

The Duchess of Cambridge then responded that Prince William and her "would like to try to come more as they always enjoy coming down to visit."