Normally, the Royal Family is quite composed and always acts according to protocol. But Duchess Kate got visibly emotional in a new Instagram video for her photo project, Hold Still. The exhibit is ending soon, and Kate seems overwhelmed by the reception from the many participants and viewers.

Duchess Kate surprises with an emotional video on Hold Still

With Hold Still, the Duchess of Cambridge wanted to provide a voice to the people as UK society adjusted to life in lockdown. For the exhibit, anyone could submit photos that expressed their situation amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and Kate chose to present pictures by many nurses, in particular. One photograph of a nurse in protective clothing was even immortalized in a huge mural in Manchester.

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who submitted an image to Hold Still. I launched the project with the National Portrait Gallery back in May because I wanted to find a way for everyone to share their stories and experiences of lockdown," the Duchess says in the video, which clearly shows her pride in the project.

A jury including Duchess Kate selected 100 photos from over 31,000 submissions: "It was so hard to select the final 100 photographs, but we hope we have created a collective portrait of our nation, reflecting on what others have experienced as well as our journeys through this difficult time," Kate adds in the video.

After recently mourning in black on Remembrance Sunday, Duchess Kate appeared quite touched once again in the emotional video. Hold Still is very important to her and she couldn't help but show just how moved she is by the outcome and reception.

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