• Duchess Meghan is under media fire yet again
  • Meghan has been caught using royal symbolism
  • This is something that has upset many of her fans

Duchess Meghan (40) and Prince Harry (38) are polarizing figures wherever they go. Ever since their infamous tell-all interview where they exposed the royal family, Harry, but specially Meghan have been in and out of the headlines.

Duchess Meghan's greeting card is annoying to many!

Author Allison Yarrow shared a greeting card on Instagram that she received directly from Meghan, as a thank you for participating in her now famous podcast Archetypes. Attentive fans, however, particularly noticed the very top of the card. 

Also interesting:

On it was Meghan's initial "M" with a crown above it, both in gold. In the comments, some users reacted to the sudden change of attitude: "She still uses the crown over the M despite stepping down and speaking ill of the royal family?" some commented...

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