Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are saying goodbye to SussexRoyal once and for all.

The couple announced plans to move on from the charitable foundation back in February 2020, but today, they filed paperwork to formally close down SussexRoyalPeople confirms. U.K. authorities received the paperwork, which was reported Friday, July 3.

Harry & Meghan left SussexRoyal in royal exit deal

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were required to abandon the charity when they stepped down as senior royals on March 31. As part of their exit deal with Queen Elizabeth II, they agreed to no longer use the HRH title (His/Her Royal Highness), which conflicted with the SussexRoyal name.

The SussexRoyal Instagram account first confirmed the departure back on March 30, 2020 in a heartfelt farewell message.

But now, as the couple is three months removed from the royal transition and move to North America, SussexRoyal has entered what People identifies as the "solvent liquidation" period. The charity's only active program was Travalyst, an environmental tourism initiative, which will receive the charity's assets in a transfer.

Just one day earlier, on July 2, Prince Harry's title was also adjusted on Travalyst's website, which removed the HRH from his "HRH The Duke of Sussex" title.

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Harry & Meghan: From SussexRoyal to Archewell?

The Sussexes, however, have not waited until SussexRoyal is completely dissolved to continue their charitable endeavours. They've already announced plans for the formation of their next philanthropic effort, the Archewell Foundation.

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Reports in late June said that an attempted trademark for Archewell is pending, but Harry and Meghan have continued their work, which has recently included support for causes against online hate speech and racial inequalities.

"This is their organization in motion," a source told People with reference to their support for the Stop Hate for Profit campaign last week. 

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