• The British royal family is very wealthy
  • They have an extensive collection of jewels to behold
  • Here is the history and meaning of the most popular pieces

From Queen Victoria's Imperial State Crown, to Princess Diana's diamond earrings, the royal family's jewels have a rich history and meaning behind them. One of the royal family's most iconic jewels is the Crown Tiara, which has been worn on formal and state occasions since it was acquired by Queen Victoria in 1893.

The royal family spares no expense for their collection

Another royal family jewel is the Strasbourg Ring, a 19th-century diamond ring worn at weddings and other special occasions. In addition to these iconic jewels, the royal family also has a large number of diamonds, pearls, and other precious materials in its collection.

Also interesting:

Some of these items have been inherited from previous generations, while others have been purchased specifically for use on important occasions. But the royal family's jewels are not only valuable from a financial point of view...

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