• The dates they were born, full names, and how long it took to share the baby's name
  • From Charles to his grandson Archie
  • See pictures of parents holding their newborn infants

There are more recent babies that are of interest to us, such as August and Sienna, but there is limited documentation regarding Princess Eugenie's son, and nothing has been published about Princess Beatrice's daughter.

The importance of Royal babies

Of course, we would also like to talk more about Prince Harry's daughter Lilibet, who has captured the attention of the whole world, but similarly, information regarding her is not entirely official nor are there many photographs of her.

Baby Archie Celebrates His 1st Birthday Today & The Royal Family Sends Their Birthday Wishes!

However, a baby will always bring joy, completely fresh and independent of their parents' actions; a prospect that excites the vast majority of the world and especially Royal fans.

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