• The British royals belong to the fashion elite
  • Duchess Camilla now receives a great honour
  • She will grace the cover of Vogue magazine

As members of the Royal Family, British royal ladies belong to the fashion elite. Now Duchess Camilla, who struggled with the after-effects of COVID, receives an honour that Queen Elizabeth got earlier this year.

After the Queen: Camilla is Vogue's new cover star

Like the Queen before her, Duchess Camilla will grace the cover of fashion magazine Vogue. Camilla will be the cover star of the UK edition this summer to celebrate her 75th birthday in July.

Queen Elizabeth recently received the honour first. For her 70th anniversary on the throne, the Queen made her debut on the cover of Vogue. And what a cover it was.

Also interesting:

It is certainly something very special for Duchess Camilla, wife of Prince Charles. The photoshoot is said to have been carried out secretly a few days ago.

Many see it as another step in introducing the Duchess as the future queen and increasing her popularity.