• Duchess Camilla recently had COVID-19
  • She is still feeling the aftermath
  • Here's what the royal is struggling with

Duchess Camilla, 74, tested positive for COVID-19 in February, days after her husband Prince Charles, 73, had been infected for the second time. 

The Duchess is said to be unable to completely "shake off" the illness. In fact, she is still dealing with worrying symptoms all these weeks later.

Duchess Camilla feels the aftermath of her COVID case

Duchess Camilla has now revealed she can't get rid of the harsh virus. The royal has been suffering from a cough and voice issues for a few weeks.

"It's taken three weeks and still can't get shot of it. Probably my voice might suddenly go and I might start coughing and spluttering," the Duchess said, speaking to rowers at an International Women's Day event on Wednesday.

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The rowers, Kat Cordiner, Abby Johnston, and Charlotte Irving, broke the transatlantic record in January when they rowed across the Atlantic in a total of 42 days, 7 hours and 17 minutes, raising money for cancer charities and research.

It's hoped that Duchess Camilla will soon completely overcome the after-effects of her infection. Queen Elizabeth, 95, also recently overcame the coronavirus.

However, the monarch seemed to have recovered quickly and recently held her first in-person appointment.