• Queen Elizabeth hosts Justin Trudeau at Windsor Castle
  • The queen and Trudeau last met back in 2021
  • Queen Elizabeth II has several upcoming appearances scheduled

Queen Elizabeth II is now well enough to host important meetings in person once more! As Hello! shares, the queen met with Canadian politician Justin Trudeau on Monday, marking her first non-virtual appearance since she recovered from the coronavirus. 

Queen Elizabeth II talks to Trudeau at Windsor

Queen Elizabeth II had to cancel several planned appearances because of her health after testing positive for COVID-19 last month. However, she has gradually eased back into resuming her royal duties! The queen made her first appearance since becoming ill at the beginning of March when she virtually spoke to the Ambassadors of Andorra and Chad.

Queen Elizabeth II receives Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during an audience at Windsor Castle, on March 7, 2022.

She has held virtual audiences with a few important foreign figures since then, having also met with the High Commissioners of both Trinidad and Tobago and Malawi. Now, the Canadian Prime Minister is the first individual in several weeks to have an in-person audience with the queen! Photos of their meeting depict both of them smiling warmly as they shake hands at Windsor Castle, with the queen wearing a colourful patterned dress.

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As Hello! mentions, Trudeau is in the United Kingdom to discuss the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict with the prime ministers of Britain and the Netherlands. Queen Elizabeth II is also expected to attend two important events at Westminster Abbey this month— the Commonwealth Service and Prince Philip's spring memorial, the latter of which was announced last year.