• Prince Charles shows his support for refugees
  • Charles talks to those involved in church effort
  • The royal speaks on the current state of the world

Prince Charles recently delivered a powerful speech to a group of refugees! As Hello! reports, Charles visited the Holy Trinity Brompton in London this week, where he made an impassioned speech acknowledging the hardships refugees have endured and calling for global action.

Prince Charles calls ongoing global conflicts "insane"

Prince Charles began his address by expressing that he has the "greatest admiration" for those who have helped provide aid to refugees. The royal said that he "cannot even begin to imagine the dreadful conditions" faced by those who have fled their homes and sought asylum in the United Kingdom, expressing his hope for others to be welcoming and accommodating.

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, speaks during a visit to the Holy Trinity Brompton's organisation on March 9, 2022.

The Prince of Wales then acknowledged the different countries the refugees he addressed came from. He mentioned having visited both Afghanistan and Iran, and said that he'd "always wanted all my life to visit Syria and the Yemen." Charles also shared his thoughts on the current global situation, calling it "an immeasurable tragedy" and "even more insane" that there are wars happening when there are other critical issues to contend with.

Also interesting:

Prince Charles suggested that rather than engaging in conflict, the world should be "collaborating together to work together to solve these immense problems," which include things like climate change. Charles has spoken out about climate change before, calling for "immediate action" on the issue. Despite the heavy topics he addressed, the royal concluded his speech on a positive note, calling it "such a pleasure" to have been able to meet with refugees.