• Princess Diana was the late mother-in-law of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle
  • Diana was a fashion icon, just like her daughters-in-law
  • Kate and Meghan have often recreated some of Diana's most iconic looks

It can't be easy living up to your mother-in-law. Least of all when that mother-in-law is none other than the late Princess Diana. Being fashion icons themselves, it's no secret these royal ladies can make a statement. We've gathered eight looks from Kate and Meghan honoring Lady Diana.

Kate and Meghan would have made Princess Diana proud

When Kate first became a mother and presented little Prince George to the public, her dress was very reminiscent of Diana and the press was quick to point it out. Kate was beaming from ear to ear in her baby blur number. Diana also wore a similar dress after the birth of her first son, Prince William.

Also interesting:

But that's not where the baby and mother similarities stopped. Kate was seen in a red dress after the birth of her second son Louis. In this case, she was also inspired by her mother-in-law who also came out in red after the birth of her second son, Prince Harry!

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