• King Charles III gets his own currency
  • The motif of the coins shows the king looking to the right
  • Two portraits of the Queen are featured on the back as a memento to his mother

The British "Royal Mint" presents the first coins with the portrait of King Charles III. The effigy, which will appear on British coins in the future, was created by British sculptor Martin Jennings.

According to Jennings, it is the smallest sculpture he has ever completed and it makes him humbled to think that people around the world will see it for centuries to come. 

This is how King Charles III sees it. coin out

King Charles Coin: Portraits of the Queen on the back 

Traditionally,King Charles III looks to the right on the motif after his mother had turned her gaze to the left. The new coins also contain the Latin inscription:"King Charles III, by the Grace of God, Protector of the Faith". 

As a memento to his mother, the reverse side features two portraits of Queen Elizabeth II, representing her journey from young monarch to long-serving head of state.

Also interesting:

Initially, the image will appear on the new 5-pound commemorative coin and a 50-pence coin. As of December, the 50-pence coins will be put into circulation for general use. Next year, the remaining coins will be minted with the image of the king. 

No need to worry about your current money. The coins with the portrait of the queen will not lose their value, and will remain as legal tender.