It's a tradition for the royals to publish a Christmas card every year. The photos they choose are always eagerly awaited. Duchess Kate and Prince William surprised with a summer theme this year.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan finally showed their Christmas card today. Along with their son Archie, the couple's daughter Lili is also seen for the first time in the photo.

Meghan and Harry's Christmas card 2021 with Lilibet

The Christmas card from Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry was the perfect opportunity to share a new family photo again. The card was shared on Twitter and it shows the family in a loving moment.

(You can also click here to enlarge the photo.) For the very first time, Meghan and Harry showed their daughter Lilibet Diana to the public. She's now 6 months old.

Fans had been waiting since June to finally see the royal baby, who is eighth in line the throne. Waiting for a photo of Lilibet was definitely worth it. It's also a rare new picture of Archie, 2, who's really growing up.

Last year, Meghan and Harry surprised everyone with their Christmas card. At that time, they chose an illustrated portrait of themselves with their son Archie.

2021 is also the second Christmas the Duke and Duchess will spend in California and not with the royals in the UK.