• Prince George has a few favourite films
  • This includes 'The Lion King'
  • Princess Charlotte also has a clear favourite

Prince George seems to have inherited his interest in films from his father, Prince William. The heir to the throne is known to be President of BAFTA, the renowned British film and television academy. At this year's BAFTA Awards, Prince William and his wife, Princess Kate, gave a rare and candid glimpse into their children's lives and their love of film.

Prince George's favourite films are...

The British newspaper Mirror reports that Prince William and Princess Kate gave different answers when asked about Prince George's favourite film.

Among other things, the Disney classic 'The Lion King' was named. Prince William revealed at a post-BAFTA meet-and-greet that George really likes the film and they've watched it together several times.

At a charity event in 2017, Prince William revealed his little one's favourite: "He likes 'The Lion King' a lot, we have it a few times seen. He has also seen a few 'Lego' movies. Keeping him off TV is hard work."

But the animated film 'How to Train Your Dragon' is also one of the little Prince's favourites.

Princess Charlotte also has a Disney love

Not only is Prince George a big Disney fan, but his sister Princess Charlotte also has a fondness for the magical stories from the Disney world. At the Jubilee celebrations in the UK, the young princess danced to songs from the film 'Encanto'.

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