Piers Morgan sees heartbreak in Queen Elizabeth II as a result of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's actions.

Speaking to Daily Express, Morgan addressed how the Queen has likely been affected by the royal exit and accompanying drama—which come amid a difficult year for her and the Royal Family.

Piers Morgan's new comments on Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

Of the Queen, Morgan said: "On Meghan and Harry I think she will be incredibly upset about it." In the Good Morning Britain host's view, the Duke and Duchess's royal exit and move across the pond struck on a personal level for the Queen.

"This is her grandson… it's very strange," he told Daily Express. "It's obviously nothing like anything we have seen before with the royals and I think the Queen will be very upset by it."

The comments also come days after talk ramped up on what will become of Harry and Meghan's "exit deal" with the Queen—which had a 12-month review period.

This week, expert Robert Lacey spoke on the belief that Her Majesty will meet with Prince Charles and Prince William to decide on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's future with the Royal Family. The review period would expire in March 2021, and it's thought the senior royals will meet in the coming months to deliberate, without Harry and Meghan's participation.

Piers Morgan feels for Queen Elizabeth II in 2020

In the new interview, Morgan also had kind words for the Queen on a personal level, adding that she's probably been devastated by suffering in the U.K. amid the pandemic.

"She is a woman of great empathy and humanity and I think she will find it very distressing to see so many people in the country suffering and has caused huge suffering in so many different ways," he said.

Currently, the Queen is living at Windsor Castle after relocating there from the Sandringham Estate earlier this month. In recent weeks, she stepped out for a rare public engagement with Prince William, and had a new official Canadian portrait unveiled.

Prince William and Duchess Catherine in Bradford on Wednesday.

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