In-person royal engagements are underway once again.

On Tuesday morning, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla made their return to duties on the public stage. Their re-entry into public life came by way of a visit to hospital workers at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in England.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall attended to give thanks to healthcare workers. During the 30-minute visit, strict social distancing guidelines - of a 6ft radius - were followed.

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Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla go public post-COVID-19 lockdown

According to People, Charles and Camilla met with frontline workers, volunteers, scientists, psychologists, doctors, and social workers at the Gloucestershire hospital.

"They are Britain at its best," Duchess Camilla said. The Prince of Wales, meanwhile, praised the "marvellous cooperation" exhibited by the healthcare workers.

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Prince Charles, 71, has an especially personal connection to his expression of gratitude to healthcare workers, as well. He had contracted COVID-19 in March, but, fortunately, dealt with only "mild symptoms" and was out of self-isolation within one week.

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Charles and Camilla have returned to London

The visit of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall also announces their arrival in England.

Last week, it was reported that they were on track to return to Clarence House in London ahead of Thursday, June 18, when they'll host French President Emmanuel Macron on the 80th anniversary of Charles de Gaulle's "Appel."

The royals had been in lockdown at Birkhall, their usual summer residence in Scotland, since mid-March. Shortly after arriving in the country, Charles had tested positive for COVID-19, which led to an atypical three-month spring stay for the couple at Birkhall during the lockdown period.