Clarence House has made an announcement regarding one of Prince Charles's biggest passions. The Prince of Wales will not be renewing the lease of property he has run for many years as he has to think long term now. Prince Charles will be King one day, hopefully not anytime soon but he shall be one day and cannot commit to long term projects anymore.

Prince Charles Gives Up Home Farm

Clarence House has just announced that Prince Charles will not be renewing the lease for his beloved organic Home Farm. The 71-year-old Prince has been running the 1,000-acre plot in Gloucestershire for 35 years but will not be committing to a new 20-year lease. His current lease expires in the spring of 2021 and instead, he will "continue to farm organically at Sandringham."

Queen Elizabeth II's son launched his Duchy Originals (Waitrose Duchy Organic) food boxes at Home Farm and even gave fans an inside look on his treasured farm in the ITV documentary Prince Charles: Inside The Duchy of Cornwall last year. Home Farm will be taken over by a non-royal tenant but continue to maintain it's organic production that the Prince has proudly undertaken for 35 years now. 

The Prince is in no rush to become King and yet must be realistic that he will not only be a Prince for the rest of his life and will have to devote his time to head Monarch duties once he does take over the throne. This is why he will be handing over the reins to his beloved Home Farm. 

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