Although it is his by law, Prince Charles may end his days without sitting on the British throne. At least, that's what the UK civil organization Republic seeks. They've publicly asked the Crown to give up on its descent-based tradition and allow the British people to determine whether Charles becomes king. As described by Graham Smith, CEO of the group, the controversial proposal demands that British society has a voice in one of the most important decisions of government. "We need to have a choice, it is clear people want to have a choice," he said.

Prince Charles as King? The British people want their say

In an interview with Express, Smith spoke about Republic's proposal made to the Crown, demanding that the people have a voice and vote on the next monarch. Without change, the succession would occur with Prince Charles as the next King of the UK — should he outlive his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and not abdicate upon becoming king.

"For years there has been polling saying that there is no majority in favour of either Charles, William or other royals succeeding the Queen," the Republic CEO told the newspaper. "Clearly, there is a division of opinion and if you want to have a choice of who it is going to be you cannot just pick between two royals."

Smith also considered it important to allow the British people to vote for the next British head of state rather than limiting them to being "spectators that just have to like it or lump it when Charles takes the throne."

A proposal for the public to choose Queen Elizabeth's successor

Although Smith's proposal has gained supporters in recent months, it appears unlikely that it will become a reality, especially considering the organization's lack of success in effecting radical changes to royal tradition so far.

One of Republic's first actions was the proposed abolition of the monarchy and to replace the Queen with a candidate democratically elected by the people.

Although their demands have now lessened, the organization still aims to generate historic change in the Crown at all costs. 

Meanwhile, the Queen and Prince of Wales will soon meet to decide the next step in Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's royal exit deal.

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