• King Charles III's coronation is on May 6
  • The whole Royal Family will be there, of course
  • But the King has unexpected plans for Prince George

In rather unexpected news, a young royal is expected to play a major role in the coronation of King Charles III

The King will be crowned this May, and he and Queen Camilla want his grandson Prince George to take part in the ceremony, reports The Times.

King Charles wants Prince George to step up at coronation

Prince George, 9, will be given a "prominent official role" at the coronation, according to the newspaper.

Expert Hugo Vickers told The Times that the decision to bring in Prince George, the future heir to the throne, "sends all the right symbolism for the future and gives [Prince George] something he will always remember."

Also interesting:

George is expected to be joined in the ceremony by the five grandchildren of Queen Camilla. Her son and daughter have two and three children, respectively.

But it's unclear if the younger children of Prince William and Princess Kate will get significant roles. Princess Charlotte is 7 and Prince Louis is just 4.

In any case, expect to see Prince George step up for his grandfather's coronation day!

After taking the throne in September 2022, King Charles III will officially be crowned monarch on May 6...

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