Prince George will be starting middle school in the fall at Thomas's Battersea School in London! This is a very exciting milestone for the Prince, who just celebrated his 7th birthday on July 22. Both George and his sister Charlotte attend the school in south-west London and when the new term begins in September, Prince George will be entering Year 3. 

Starting Year 3 means that the Prince is embarking on the Middle School or rather junior years of his education. While the basis of the education remains more or less the same, Prince George will be given many more opportunities regarding after-school activities and clubs. According to Hello, he could join the school's Phoenix Choir for the next two years. The choir reportedly performs "a wide range of repertoire from classical to pop." 

Prince George Starts Middle School In The Fall

Other activities that George could participate in are the running club, which if he's anything like his mother, he will be sure to succeed there; the swimming club, and also football tournaments and games!

While Prince George has already proved he has a love for sports like his dad with football, he will be sure to enjoy these exciting new activity opportunities! Princess Charlotte on the other hand will be starting her second year at Thomas's Battersea School so she won't receive the same opportunities as her older brother quite yet. 

We are looking forward to seeing what Prince George decides to try! He is growing up quickly as we saw in the new pictures released for his seventh birthday. For now, we hope that the Cambridge children are enjoying their summer holidays.