It seems as justice is finally reaching the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. First, they won their major case of privacy infringement again Associated Press Limited and now Republic is saying sorry.

Republic Apologizes To Harry and Meghan

The anti-monarchy group Republic had gone after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle endlessly with claims that they had illegally transferred funds between their charities and insinuating that the pair were corrupt.

It was their accusations and insinuations that the already anti-Meghan publications ran with. Still, countless major British tabloids claim that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle swindled their charity. It turns out that Republic had never checked if their claims were true or not. Now the group has checked, and learned that they were wrong.

Republic posted an apology to their website saying, "On 20 July 2020 we falsely claimed that the transfer of funds from The Royal Foundation to Sussex Royal and to Travalyst was improper and likely to be unlawful."

"We also wrote to the Charity Commission expressing the same points and then widely publicised our letter to the U.K. media without knowing whether what we claimed was true. Our intention was to draw attention to the allegations."

"We did not contact The Royal Foundation and/or Sussex Royal before going to the Charity Commission and to the media, which would have been the appropriate action. If we had contacted the organisations directly, we accept we would have realised quickly that there was nothing improper in their operations."

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"The Charity Commission has now concluded its review and found that all activities of the charities were lawful and proper. We apologise unreservedly to the charities and personally to The Duke of Sussex for our actions and the public damage that has been caused as a result of widely publicised untrue claims."

Republic originally sent their accusations to many major U.K. publications, will they be doing the same with their apology?

According to Hello!, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's representative made a response to the apology: "Today's update provides complete closure to this review and ultimately underscores both the legitimacy of the former charity and the baselessness of the claims against it."

Sadly, for Harry and Meghan, it seems the damage is done. Hopefully, others will follow suit and fact-check their allegations before pointing the finger. 

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