• Prince Harry makes an appearance at award ceremony
  • He does something that make us wonder
  • Is THIS a dig at the king?

Prince Harry's (39) recent appearance at the Soldier of the Year awards has stirred interest for an unexpected reason. Is he once again aiming a barb at King Charles III (75)?

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Prince Harry: Is THIS a dig at Charles?

While Prince Harry proudly displayed four British military medals at the Soldier of the Year awards, one notable absence caught attention: Charles' Coronation Medal.

The omission could easily be interpreted as a familial slight. However, the 'Daily Mail' sheds light on another explanation for Harry's decision not to wear the medal.

According to an insider, the choice was primarily practical. The medal, bestowed upon those who actively participated in the previous year's coronation on May 6, was designed to be worn "swinging" from a mounted position. To attach it to a longer strap would have necessitated specialized adjustment, hence its absence.

This clarification indicates that Harry's choice was not intended as a deliberate snub, dispelling notions of familial discord on this occasion.

More about Prince Harry:

Despite the Coronation Medal's absence, Prince Harry showcased his profound dedication to the military by proudly wearing four significant medals. Among them was the Afghanistan Service Medal, awarded in 2008 for his service in Helmand Province, underscoring his contributions to the nation's defense efforts. Additionally, he adorned the late Queen's Golden, Diamond, and Platinum Jubilee Medals, honoring active service members and emergency services personnel alike, affirming his steadfast commitment to public service and duty.p;</p>