Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are taking full advantage of the local cuisine near their Santa Barbara home.

According to ET, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have adopted In-N-Out Burger as a new favourite drive-thru option. Famously, the chain is located almost only in the state of California, having begun to expand to a handful of other U.S. states only in recent decades.

Prince Harry enjoying In-N-Out Burger with Meghan in California

The report links Harry and Meghan's In-N-Out stops to their move to Santa Barbara in July. Since then, they've been making the 90-minute trip from the coastal city into L.A., visiting an In-N-Out en-route.

ET noted that the couple's Aug. 31 visit to an L.A. preschool was followed by a stop-in at the restaurant. "All of the employees nearly lost their minds," the outlet said. "They were all yelling and laughing, and could not believe Meghan and Harry were ordering burgers from the drive thru."

"Rumor has it, Harry has already learned about the secret menu," ET added, referencing the classic chain's offering of unique menu choices for customers in-the-know.

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Harry and Meghan moved from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara

Since relocating to Santa Barbara, the Duke and Duchess have continued travel to L.A. for various charity and business endeavours. On the Aug. 31 occasion—which included an In-N-Out visit—they gardened with preschoolers on what was also the 23rd anniversary of Princess Diana's passing. For the occasion, Harry planted his late mother's favourite flower, Forget-Me-Nots, at the preschool.

The couple has also kept busy with a quietly-negotiated Netflix production deal, which was announced on Sept. 2. Their forthcoming streaming content is expected to include "scripted series, docuseries, documentaries, features and children's programming," according to Netflix.