Prince Harry is committed to his new path in life — and he's only just getting started, according to a new profile in The Telegraph.

Bryony Gordon, who previously spoke to Harry in a candid 2017 interview, wrote a revealing new Telegraph piece on the Duke and his docuseries premiering later this month, The Me You Can't See. Here were some of the big takeaways in the profile.

Prince Harry: Profile on his new life in the US, docuseries

Gordon examined Harry's recent focus on mental health awareness and activism, which was once again in the spotlight personally when he and Duchess Meghan had their interview with Oprah Winfrey in March.

Despite some reports saying that Harry had misgivings about how the Oprah interview went, Gordon insists that isn't the case. Rather, expect more of the same openness and determination from Harry, who will continue such efforts in The Me You Can't See.

His new series on mental health and emotional well-being will "put to bed any suggestions that the Duke of Sussex regrets the interview with Oprah," Gordon says.

Prince Harry's new series The Me You Can't See premieres in May 2021.

Prince Harry is often a target for criticism as a Royal who stepped back from his duties and now speaks out on sensitive topics like trauma and mental health.

Along the way in his journey, Gordon writes, "[Harry] knows he has made mistakes – who among us hasn't? - but he now sees that the most efficient way to live is truthfully, and not just by the expectations of others."

Gordon also addressed the theory that Duchess Meghan has "somehow changed" Prince Harry since marrying him. On the contrary, she said, "Those close to Harry know that he had long been open to the shift we now see in him."

The Me You Can't See: Prince Harry's new TV show with Oprah

The Me You Can't See is expected to be the next major step in Prince Harry's "shift" in his life and work since leaving duties with the Royal Family. It's a collaboration with Oprah Winfrey where Harry will spotlight mental health topics with guests including celebrities and everyday people.

Prince Harry Gets Standing Ovation After Passionate Speech

The Apple TV+ series will follow earlier work this month done by Harry and Meghan as campaign chairs at the Vax Live concert promoting equitable vaccine distribution. Both spoke at the event, where Prince Harry even received a standing ovation after a passionate speech.