Prince Harry has spoken out about a new initiative in the United Kingdom that's geared towards the importance of mental health for those in the military! As People shares, the royal talked about why he feels strongly about mental health being prioritized, explaining the positive impact it can have on the British Army. 

Prince Harry says physical and mental training are both important

Harry shared why he thinks the program will be so beneficial, both on an individual and global scale. "This is an amazing step forward for the British military and furthers the global leadership of our Armed Forces," he said. "There should be no difference between how we view our physical fitness and mental fitness — and training both will help our servicemen and women excel, as well as being best prepared for what they may face, in any situation."

"Over the years it has been an honour to work alongside the service chiefs and the Ministry of Defence on projects such as HeadFIT," the Duke of Sussex continued, "and I am delighted to see such a significant step to protect and strengthen the potential and resilience of our military." As People mentions, Harry is a veteran himself, having served in the British Army for 10 years.

Prince Harry celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Invictus Games with a speech at The Guildhall.

Harry says mindfulness can help "unlock potential"

Prince Harry continued on to express his gratitude for all of those who had a part in creating the initiative. "Thanks especially to Johnny Mercer and to the teams of people who work tirelessly to protect and support our troops and their families' health and wellbeing," he said. "Mental fitness will become a daily practice adopted by all of us as a means to unlock potential in every aspect of our lives."

While he has retired from military service, Harry continues to show his support for former members of the armed forces. Last month, the Duke of Sussex volunteered at a non-profit organization for veterans in Los Angeles. Harry is also known to be a strong proponent of the Invictus Games, a multi-sport event which gives disabled veterans the opportunity to compete!

Recently, the royal made a surprise appearance to support JJ Chalmers— a former Invictus Games competitor who's also become a close friend of his— on the British reality competition Strictly Come Dancing! It's great to see Harry continue to bring awareness to an important cause that's so close to his heart!

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