Prince Philip's will may be confidential, but new details have emerged regarding the location where it's stored! On Thursday, High Court judge Sir Andrew McFarlane shared that Philip's is just one of many royal wills kept there, disclosing the identities of those confirmed to have their final wishes contained in the same safe.

Philip's will in safe with "over thirty envelopes"

Philip's will is currently kept under lock and key in a safe at the Royal Courts of Justice. Now, its custodian has come forward to share that the safe holds royal wills that go over a century back. As People reports, McFarlane stated that the safe has "over thirty envelopes, each of which purports to contain the sealed will of a deceased member of the Royal Family."

The full list of names of royals with wills kept in the safe has been released, and it reflects decades of history! Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother is said to have her will in one of the envelopes, along with Princess Margaret and King Edward VIII. Prince Francis of Teck is the earliest name recorded on the list, with his last testament sealed there in 1911.


Philip passed away at the age of 99 on April 9, 2021 at his home of Windsor Castle. While the Duke of Edinburgh was buried at St George's Chapel, he will have a reburial when Queen Elizabeth II passes away. And while we may know more about the safe, it has also been reported that Philip's will and fortune is to be kept a secret for 90 years!