Recently, Queen Elizabeth II has been causing a lot of concern for royal fans. After she was hospitalized for one night, the Queen was advised by doctors to cancel upcoming appointments.

She was expected to return on Remembrance Sunday, the British memorial service for the fallen of the World Wars. But here too, the Queen had to cancel the appearance due to a back injury. Instead, Duchess Kate took her place.

Queen Elizabeth II reports with a statement

Now the monarch reported back with a statement. The news is related to the opening of the general synod. For the first time in years, Queen Elizabeth missed the church event.

In the statement, she also mentioned her late husband Prince Philip: "It is hard to believe that it is over 50 years since Prince Philip and I attended the very first meeting of the General Synod."

The church conference took place for the first time in 1970. She also said wistfully: "None of us can slow the passage of time." 

She then commented on the toll the pandemic has taken on the religious and said how worshippers have been in a time "of anxiety, of grief, and of weariness."

The Queen acknowledged that public services are not easily accessible, making it difficult to experience spiritual connection with others.

The statement may be related to the religious occasion, but you could tell the Queen was also reminiscing.

This Saturday, Nov. 20, is the Queen's wedding anniversary — the first one to pass since the death of Prince Philip. This year, they would have been married for a full 74 years.