Queen Elizabeth II was supposed to make an appearance at an important event at the Church of England on Tuesday, but ended up having to cancel following medical advice to rest. As People shares, the royal addressed the church in a special statement after missing the General Synod for the first time in years.

Queen Elizabeth II reflects on church in pandemic times

Queen Elizabeth II began by mentioning on how she had been in attendance at the General Synod since the event began, with her late husband Prince Philip by her side. "None of us can slow the passage of time," she said. She then commented on the toll the pandemic has taken on those who are religious, saying how people are in a time "of anxiety, of grief, and of weariness." The queen acknowledged how public worship services are not easily accessible, making it difficult to experience a spiritual connection with others.

She then commented on how "the Gospel has brought hope" even in these difficult circumstances, reflecting on how the church "has adapted and continued its ministry" despite the various challenges presented. She also expressed her hope for the Synod's future "In some areas, there will, of course, be differing views," she said, "and my hope is that you will be strengthened with the certainty of the love of God, as you work together and draw on the Church's tradition of unity in fellowship for the tasks ahead."

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While Queen Elizabeth II was expected to make her long-awaited return to public appearances on Remembrance Sunday, a last-minute back injury prevented her from being able to do so. Despite this fact though, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has shared an update on the monarch's health, saying that she is "very well" and revealing he recently saw her at Windsor. Hopefully the queen's message will serve as inspiration for the church, and resting up will prevent her from having to cancel more events in the future!