Thomas’s Battersea School, attended by Princess Charlotte (5) and Prince George (7), puts great importance and emphasis on diversity. In addition to subjects such as ballet and math, the school also offers swimming lessons.

The young royals are keen swimmers

However, according to Vanity Fair, swimming lessons are to be canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and this news makes Princess Charlotte very sad.

Prince William (38) previously met with Eileen Fenton (91), the first woman to swim the English Channel, during a meeting at Buckingham Palace, and revealed that his two oldest children love sports.

As Vanity Fair reports, he told Fenton that he and his wife Kate (38) want to make sure that the children can swim. They regularly go splashing around together.

Still, the little royals are certainly looking forward to the school year, although some activities like swimming have been discontinued.


Prince George's first day of school was only with Prince William 

Unfortunately, there were no photos of Charlotte and George when they started school this year. In the past few years, things looked different and we were able to see some gorgeous first day of school photos. Both parents and Prince George attended Charlotte's first day of school in 2019. When George his first day of school two years ago, Duchess Kate was unable to attend due to severe pregnancy nausea.