• Queen Mary and King Frederik visited Sweden
  • Princess Sofia attended a reception
  • She stole the spotlight THIS detail

Queen Mary, aged 52, and King Frederik of Denmark, aged 55, undertook their inaugural official visit to Sweden on May 6th and 7th following her coronation. The Swedish royal family extended a warm welcome, embracing the Danish royal couple with open arms. Throughout their visit, the Danish monarchs engaged in numerous public engagements.

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Princess Sofia's shoes stole the spotlight from Queen Mary.

During the second day of the visit, a reception took place aboard the royal ship Dannebrog in Stockholm, attended by Prince Carl Philip (44) and Princess Sofia (39) of Sweden. Amid the joyous royal gathering, an intriguing detail of Princess Sofia's attire swiftly caught everyone's eye.

Princess Sofia wears large platform shoes at a reception for the Danish royal couple and promptly steals the show from Queen Mary

Queen Mary was promptly overshadowed as Sofia donned a vibrant top and matching trousers, accentuated by striking platform shoes with XXL heels—an unprecedented choice for royalty. In contrast, Queen Mary opted for classic dark red high heels, complementing her elegant light summer dress and white coat ensemble.

Despite the sartorial diversion, Mary and Frederik's state visit proved a resounding success for both them and the Swedish royal family. Perhaps Princess Sofia's daring fashion statement will inspire Queen Mary to explore bolder footwear choices in the future.

Queen Mary of Denmark at a reception on the royal ship Dannebrog in Stockholm during her state visit to Sweden

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