Queen Elizabeth II is making sure the public sees her affection for her beloved grandson Prince Harry and his wife. 

Queen Elizabeth Displays Photo of Harry and Meghan

Her Majesty had an in-person meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday in Buckingham Palace. This was momentous as it was the first meeting the pair had since the coronavirus pandemic started. 

The Queen has held weekly audience with each serving Prime Minister throughout her entire reign so this meeting was bound to gain a lot of attention. The photos taken of the pair also showed a desk of hers!

Queen Elizabeth II greets UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson at an audience at Buckingham Palace in London. A photo of her desk.

On the desk are the engagement photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton and an unreleased engagement photo of Harry and Meghan was also on display! This shocked many as the narrative spun by the British tabloids is that the tense relationship between the Sussexes and the Crown is almost entirely severed and unsalvagable. 

Her Majesty has been unwavering in her support of Harry and Meghan, especially in this vulnerable time as the pair have just had their first daughter who was named after the Queen herself. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have also been endlessly supportive of the Queen, even going out of their way to make sure no one believes that their claims of racism were from the Queen or Prince Philip. 

The photo of Harry and Meghan was paired with a beautiful display of flowers and perfectly in view of the photographer. 

Queen Elizabeth II visiting Somerset


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