• Queen Elizabeth II recently passed away at age 96
  • Initially, little was known about her final days
  • Details have now emerged from those who saw her last

On Sept. 8, 2022, the news shook the world: Queen Elizabeth II had died. The monarch had made public appearances only days before, so the news came as a particular surprise.

The Palace did not reveal much about the last hours of the Queen to the public. But author Gyles Brandreth has shared new details in the Daily Mail.

The Queen appeared in good health in her last week

The Queen is said to have appeared healthy on the weekend before her death, when she saw the clerical Dr. Iain Greenshields.

As horse trainer Clive Cox told Brandreth, he had chatted with the Queen two days before her death about one of her horses. He also did not notice anything out of the ordinary that could indicate the Queen was unwell.

Also interesting:

It was also on this day that she met Liz Truss. She became the last prime minister that the Queen inaugurated into office. However, the monarch must have declined the very next day.

Because already on Sept. 7, troops are said to have secretly discussed the "London Bridge" plans. This was the code name for the death of the Queen.

The Royal Family rushed to see the Queen at Balmoral

The next morning, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla were taken to Balmoral, where the Queen was staying at the time. Her daughter Princess Anne was already on the scene.

The royals are said to have been with her in her last minutes. Harry, William, Andrew, Edward, and Sophie unfortunately came too late.

According to Dr. Greenshields, the Queen appeared to have been well prepared for her demise: "When I was chatting to her about her faith, she said she had no regrets at all."

The Palace did not make public exactly what led to the Queen's death. The cause of death was given as "old age."

Experts have speculated that the Queen was ill with some form of cancer – quite common for a person in her 90s – but this has not been confirmed.