Above all, the Queen will be feeling the Sussex family's absence this Christmas.

According to royal biographer Penny Junor, Queen Elizabeth II is "very sad" that Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan, and 1-year-old Archie won't be making the trip to the UK this holiday season. Instead, they'll be spending Christmas in California due in part to travel and gathering restrictions amid the pandemic.

Queen is "sad" Harry, Meghan & Archie will miss UK Christmas

Junor addressed the Queen's apparent feelings in a new interview with Daily Express, in which she spoke of the "soft spot" the monarch has for her grandson. "I am sure the Queen will be very sad not to see Harry and Meghan and her youngest great-grandchild," the royal expert said. "I think she has a very soft spot for Harry."

Queen Elizabeth is "sad" Harry and Meghan are missing Christmas 2020.

Junor added, "Harry gets on very well with his cousins and I guess he will miss seeing them and, of course, he will miss spending time with his grandparents whom he adores." It's instead expected that the family-of-three will be keen to place video calls to the Royal Family over the holidays.

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Queen Elizabeth making big adjustments for Christmas 2020

Harry and Meghan's absence from Christmas in the Duke's home country is one of many adjustments for the Royal Family this holiday season. Namely, the royals won't make the move to the Sandringham Estate, with the Queen and Prince Philip instead remaining at Windsor Castle—which is already looking festive, nonetheless. 

Last month, there was also similar word that Prince Charles had been telling friends of how much he misses Archie and visiting him at Frogmore Cottage—where the Sussex family had lived in the UK prior to 2020. At the time, the royals were said to be saddened by so much time passing without Archie seeing Charles, the Queen, and Prince Philip.

Like they did on Thanksgiving just a few weeks ago, Harry and Meghan are expected to spend the Christmas holiday with Doria Ragland, Meghan's mother.

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