• In 2005, Duchess Camilla married Prince Charles
  • She was always compared to Princess Diana
  • Duchess Camilla shows sympathy for the late princess

It took a long time for Duchess Camilla to find her place in the British Royal Family. Her affair with Prince Charles during his marriage to Princess Diana did not reflect well on her.

Nor did Diana ever really get used to life as a royal. Now a book by Tina Brown has revealed that Duchess Camilla understands what Diana went through.

Duchess Camilla felt sorry for Lady Diana

Tina Brown's book The Palace Papers, published in 2022, touches on Camilla's transformation into a royal. It is said that the second wife of Prince Charles did not find the change easy either.

That's what Christina Garibaldi and Christine Ross say on the Royally Us podcast, citing the book. According to the author, Duchess Camilla felt sorry for Lady Di, the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, for her difficult experience as a royal.

Also interesting:

The two women have been compared for a long time, though Camilla never reached the popularity of Diana. But marrying Prince Charles in 2005 completely changed Camilla's life, and she is said to sympathize with the late princess.

Duchess Camilla should therefore understand Lady Diana and her difficulties with royal customs. The podcast talks about Tina Brown's book, which says that Camilla "had a hard time adjusting to her new royal life."


Duchess Camilla had to get used to a new life

Duchess Camilla is said to have struggled with Prince Charles's packed schedule. In addition, she suddenly had to slip into the role of Duchess and take on public tasks.

According to Tina Brown, the first few years for Duchess Camilla were "overwhelming." She is said to have never really liked to travel, give speeches, dress up, or interact with the media.

A lot of practice and time made her a royal pro. Through her own experience, she has noticed that royal life demands a lot. Finally, she also felt empathy for Princess Diana.

An amazing change: Prince Charles's second wife struggled with a bad image for a long time – that now seems to be over. Duchess Camilla has found her role and even received the blessing of Queen Elizabeth to be the UK's next Queen Consort.