• Dessert is arguably the best part of any meal
  • The British royal family is no stranger to having a sweet tooth
  • Royal ladies in particular have very specific dessert favorites

It's always tough to know what dessert pleases everyone in a crowd. But there are always some tried and tested classics that never go out of style for most people. But what about royals? Are their palates more refined? Are their desserts any more special than ours? Here are the favorite desserts of some of our most beloved royal ladies.

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Royal Ladies And Their Favorite Desserts

Let's start with the longest-ruling monarch and the ultimate British matriarch, Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty had always been known to have a bit of sweet tooth and her favorite dessert won't surprise many! The Queen was a huge fan of chocolate mousse according to former royal family chef, Darren McGrady. Elizabeth liked to keep it light with dessert after a meal. And what could be better than mousse?

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