• The British royal family is among the most photographed in the world
  • Many royal members age very gracefully in time
  • Some have changed a lot in the last ten years

It can't be easy growing up in royal circles. All the hoopla surrounding every move you make can certainly be overwhelming. But most royals handle it very well. Aging is something that even royals must do, and some do it much better than rest of us, all things considered.

Time seems to affect royals just a little bit differently

Time has been very kind to the British royal family who often enjoy quite a longevity in the palace. In all their time, they tend to change physically change quite a bit as well. It may be hard for some to think back even just a decade ago. We'll show you what the British royals looked like exactly ten years ago, in 2012.

Also interesting:

Duchess Kate became a royal after marrying Prince William in 2011. Ten years ago Kate was in her early 30s and today, the Duchess still looks amazing - maybe even better than ever. And she's only getting more and more radiant as time goes on.

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